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JST Bags


After a lot of thought and deciding our business needed to be taken to the next level and have a more professional look and feel, I knew that the first thing we had to do was launch a new website but was clueless as how to go about it.  After chatting to Christie, she made it sound so easy and said I was quite capable of putting it together and she would be there with me every step of the way.  I did not want to take advantage of our friendship and said that she could help as long as she charged us an hourly rate which we eventually agreed ( I know she spent hours on behind the scene stuff that she didn’t charge us for).


A week later we set up an appointment so she could coach me through setting up my own website from scratch.  Christie was amazing and made me feel like a web designer genius – she patiently talked me through each and every step of the website design and at the end of a morning session, we had successfully set up a very professional looking website that even had an e-commerce shopping functionality linked to FB and Instagram.  Something I had never ever dreamed of doing on my own.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for her and she went beyond the call of duty each and very time I needed her help with something.  


Her organisational skills and “Can Do” approach to everything she does is what makes her successful.  She helped make my dreams a reality and now I can even make changes to my webpage if I need to change something which is incredible considering I was clueless when we first started.  She also gave me a quick lesson on how to make more use of social media and how to make exciting ad campaigns for instragram.  Every minute I spend with Christie I feel challenged and pushed to my potential – she has a winning smile, a positive attitude  and the determination to succeed.  Any business or individual who involves Christie in their business will instantly see results.

I highly recommend involving her for your web design or social media content – she won’t let you down!


On behalf of JST Bags

Wendy Bashford Designs

We have a ladies' clothing business, Wendy Bashford Designs. Based in Durban, we have sold directly to our clients via Open Days and local markets. Over the years, our market expanded, yet we did not know where to start to take the next (huge for us) step - to go 'on the line.' (We were literally that bad technologically - no idea of jargon etc. We didn't even have the confidence to make an appointment with a web designer as we had no idea what questions to even ask. All I can say, is that, without Christie coming to our rescue, we would still be floundering about - lost in that worldwide web. 

Christie assessed our entire business from start to finish and made recommendations on which platform we should use. She got the quotes and basically spoon-fed us all the way.  Our 'back of store' was pretty complicated and she did all the homework to determine the most cost effective and efficient way of loading products. Whatever she didn't know at the time - was a challenge to come back with the best answer. She guided us all the way, holding our hands and often, having to drag us along as we dug our heels in being so averse to change. And as lockdown hit, we were so very fortunate to be able to launch our online store. All we have had from our clients is positive feedback of how seamless it is and simple to use - even for those clients who have never bought 'on the line' before.

She has also assisted on instagram and linking courier services etc - in fact - everthing related to going online - whether it be a simple informative website or an entire shopping experience with deliveries etc. And, she was very reasonable and creative and was on standby constantly to answer any questions we had when we got stuck when still learning. We recommend her to any business owner, nervous of taking the big step of going online (which - we discovered) is not such a big step after all.


On behalf of Wendy Bashford Designs

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